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Story Craft Cafe

I’m gonna reblog this for ya’ll, since ya’ll write — otherwise why do you need writing prompts. AJ’s day job started up a new writing community you should check it out!

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I’ve said it before AJ now works for Dabble. Today they launched their brand new community Story Craft Cafe. If you are a writer you should go check it out. Even if you don’t use Dabble software this is a new community just for you. (I almost said ya’ll… *glares at AJ*)

All this month they are doing live streams with famous authors (yes I said famous with a u! I’m not changing it!) Today they are going to be talking with the guy who wrote Eragon.

They are also having a give-a-way every Friday. A year subscription to Writing Mastery Academy

I know a lot of you are writers out there so this is your casual invite. Join up talk writing and have fun writing.

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A Change

So AJ moved servers this afternoon. We should get our new posts as usual times but if not please say something. I will keep an eye out to make sure it hits today/tomorrow

The word list has changed. AJ picked out 1000 unique words from a random generator. So they might show up as they already have been done, but it’s a new list of words. Should last us 2 years without duplicates (I hope)

If there is anything anyone would like to see here comment here and we’ll see what we can do.

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Sorry about that!

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I didn’t realize you guys weren’t getting any new prompts. It was a thing that we could have fixed easily. AJ’s done gone and fixed it. And checked to make sure it’s all up and running.

I will likely partaking of the latest words and maybe photos for a while. My story ran out and I need some inspiration and randomness to keep the blog alive.

Again I’m sorry about that, keep on writing! We love seeing your stuff!