Today’s word is offspring. Get the definition from or from the urban dictionary.

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One thought on “offspring

  1. The day started like any other. The sun rose in the sky and the birds began to sing. But there was something different in the air. It was as if the world was waiting for something to happen.

    The animals could sense it too. They began to behave differently. The deer stopped grazing and looked up at the sky. The rabbits began to dig frantically. The squirrels chattered nervously.

    Even the humans could feel it. They could sense that something was about to happen. They didn’t know what it was, but they could feel it.

    The wait was not long. Within hours, the first offspring was born.

    It was a beautiful creature, perfect in every way. But it was not alone. Soon, more and more offspring were born.

    The world was changed forever. The animals knew it. The humans knew it. And the offspring knew it. They were different from everything that had come before.

    The offspring were the future. They were the hope of the world. And they would never be forgotten.

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